Bless this mess 😉

Howdy y’all! Hope everyone is ready for Christmas! We are getting there, still have a few things left to buy…I am really struggling with it feeling like Christmas time. It’s like being back in Florida with 58 degree weather and dirt, no season change to get you in the Christmas spirit per say…we didn’t even make our usual photo Christmas cards to send out, seriously slacking this year but we do love y’all! That aside we are definitely enjoying our time with family here in sunny southern California. We are truly blessed, we have our minions that are happy and healthy, each other and family and friends all around us.

We haven’t done too much to write about yet, tomorrow we are planning a trip up the mountain to Big Bear to visit Santa so we’re excited about that.

We continue to ask for your prayers for our travels and our little Maverick is currently cutting his molars so needless to say we are a little sleep deprived so prayers for both him and us! We greatly appreciate it! Will be posting pictures and updates of our Big Bear adventure so stay tuned 😊 God Bless!

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