Positives of 2020 so far…

Howdy y’all! I hope everyone is well! My family and I are happy and healthy…which with this mess is a blessing in itself! It’s hard to stay positive when so much devastation has taken place, truth? What if you chose to see it as a blessing in disguise. What if God shook your  comfort zone to wake you up. Just think about it…that job you lost, was it taking up too much of your family time? Was it hampering your growth? Guess what, God has something so much bigger in store for you.

We came to PA to visit family for a couple of weeks. Plan was to take some couple time, buy our camper and get back to our open road lifestyle….then came Covid. It put a wrench in our plans, we ended up staying with family for a few month’s bc the Campgrounds closed so we had no where to hook our camper up, no BLM land here in PA to be able to boondock. We were shook out of our comfort zone along with my inlaws who we were blessed to be able to stay with during that time…it was hard and stressful on everyone.

We bought our camper on March 10th, got hired at the campground on March 13th but couldn’t get in and hook up until May 16th. We were grounded…was it where we wanted to be for the summer. No, we had plans to travel, maybe go to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho…places we haven’t been to yet. God had other plans. We don’t know why he kept us here for this long but we know there’s a reason. Our plan is to move on around Nov 1st…hopefully all this will be done, since it will be close to election time. Question is what is God’s plan? Only time will tell. All this happened for a reason. How has this affected you? I would love to hear about your blessings!

It’s been a while so Thanks for listening! God Bless!