Never a dull month!

Wow… has it really been a month since we returned to New York/PA for our bill posting journey?! Well they do say time flies when you are having fun! Just a few of the places so far that the good Lord has taken us on this tour. These are January’s school shows, February is yet to come… visit, maybe one of them will be close to you!

  • Olean, NY
  • Salamanca, NY
  • Savona, NY
  • Naples, NY
  • Dansville, NY
  • Nunda, NY
  • Bolivar, NY
  • Tioga, PA
  • Elkland, PA
  • Coudersport, PA
  • Cuba, NY
  • Kane, PA
  • Wellsville, NY
  • Emporium, PA
  • Andover, NY
  • Holley, NY
  • Batavia, NY
  • Albion, NY
  • Medina, NY
  • Red Creek, NY
  • Hannibal, NY
  • Oneida, NY
  • Leroy, NY
  • Caledonia, NY
  • Phoenix, NY
  • Lyons, NY
  • Kendall, NY
  • Bloomfield, NY
  • Canandaigua, NY
  • Hornell, NY
  • Jasper, NY
  • Moravia, NY
  • Morrisville, NY
  • Watertown, NY

All in a months time! Can you imagine all the driving, loading and unloading of the suitcases, toiletry bag, food and every other thing you have to accommodate your kids…toys, books, art supplies, pack and play for our 1 1/2 year old to sleep in, their blankets into different hotel rooms nightly, sometimes every other night or in rare cases weekly.

Another plus side is that we get our exercise in without even trying… with all the running in and out because something was forgotten in the van, constant cleaning out of the back seat area where the madness of food crumbs, shoes, crayons, food wrappers, water bottles, socks ( little wild child likes her feet free lol) happens, organizing boxes and last but not least walking to different stores/places to billpost. It is a constant craziness that we enjoy, what can I say it is our kind of normal.


Driving + bored = cool photos…I reckon 😋

Florida kinda weather here in New York today, rainy and foggy with a heat wave of 57 degrees! Yay! However, the bad news about all this rain is it will turn to ice by tonight/ tomorrow morning so will make for dangerous driving conditions…so stay safe! 

On a side note, we had quite a bit of driving to do today so was able to snap a couple of cool pics with my handy dandy phone 😋😉 kinda eerie but cool nonetheless. 


We took some time this morning and watched the New Year’s Eve sermon from our church Calvary Chapel of Melbourne online and it was about Focus…it’s a new year and we should focus on the life we are leading for our kids, being a good role model for them and how our time is spent…you know the average person has 3 free hours a day and statistics say that only 15 minutes of those are spent with our kids! Wow…that is kind of depressing…how is that fully living and enjoying life? 

After hearing that, we both realized how truly blessed we are…we get to travel with our kids and get to spend that quality time  and have different experiences as a family, however I am missing my son Justin quite a bit…he is in Florida and juggling dual enrollment while working, quite a load for a 16 year old but challenges are what he enjoys so I will continue to be his cheerleader and help him achieve his goals. He is amazing and I am super proud of him! I do wish he was with us on this journey though. 

  • Live for today and not the past for that is gone
  • Be a person that you want your kids to be
  • Enjoy your time instead of letting it slip on by, cherish it
  • Forgive as it takes away time and joy from your life

I know easier said than done right…I accept the challenge, Do you? 


Happy New Year!! Sitting here reflecting on this past year, the places we have been, the beauty we have seen, the blessings we have received and the ups and downs we have experienced. Sometimes it is hard to see the good in the bad and to be thankful for the hard times. I’ve come to realize that with every down time in life a blessing has come out of it, but in the moment you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You sit and pray and give it to God to take care of but you still end up worrying and stressing about it even though it honestly does no good. I know I am guilty of that. I am thankful for those times, it has made me a stronger person and I feel grateful that God has always been there for me even when I did not feel like he was. I honestly feel like he has put us in certain places to be a light, I used to question why but have learned to just go with it, we are on God’s path.

At first, I questioned our path and why God chose us to experience this way of life. However it became clear that he made us uniquely for this mission…we were never really settled, we enjoy the gypsy way of life, the traveling, meeting new people, seeing different sights everyday and making people smile. It is all about the experiences and love of what you do and we get to do it together. What a Blessing! There are times when negative may come about, the weather, things breaking on our vehicle, attitudes/feelings…it’s life, it happens. We just try to laugh about it instead of letting it get to us, sometimes we are able to and sometimes we are not. One thing is for sure, we always get through it.