The little things in life…

Our twins have set our internal wake-up clocks to the fun, ridiculous times of 3am and 6:30am so even when we are not physically with them we are still sleep deprived with them 😂 because try as you might, you of course can’t fall back asleep…maybe tomorrow morning will be different 🙃

However, this is quite relaxing and peaceful…

I do feel blessed that we get this time to just be us without having to be mom and dad in the moment. You really do feel recharged and renewed when you allow yourself to be guilt free and kid free for at least a couple of days. We as parents tend to feel guilty about everything when it comes to our kids and “taking time away from them.” We often forget that we need to take care of ourselves first so that we can be the best parents that God intended us to be. You are doing an amazing job so take a break once in a while!

Yesterday we took a 35 minute buggy ride along the quaint streets of Lancaster. We raced another buggy which was pretty interesting/funny…gotta love that raw horsepower 😜 we also got to see and hear how the Amish live…they actually take time to help each other out when life gives them lemons. Can you imagine if everyone would be that Christ like? Wow!

Today we are gonna be exploring Strasburg and taking a lovely train ride! I am so excited! I can’t wait to share that with y’all ❤ so stay tuned and thank you for taking the time to read my little life tidbits. God Bless!


Oh those moments…

Howdy y’all! Sorry it has been a while…I have not really taken the time for myself to sit down and write, I missed it. Anyhow, we are currently in Pennsylvania visiting family and getting ready to take some time for ourselves WITHOUT KIDS lol. We definitely will miss them but it is nice to be able to have that couple time without one of the kiddos randomly screaming when you are trying to talk to each other or needing their butt wiped when you finally sit down to eat…fellow moms and dads you know what I am talking about. On our drive from Florida to Pennsylvania we had about 2-3 hours where all the kids were sleeping and we actually got in more than 5 words at a time, no joke that was #goals for us. I would look back at my blessings while they were sleeping and think to myself, how can something so little and cute, make soooo much noise? There was a time where Rayne was awake and watching Baby Bum on one of our phones and Maverick was screaming because he was overtired and fighting his sleep and we told Rayne to let Maverick watch it too and this is was one of my proud moments as she looked at him, held the phone where he could see it and said ” Here you go, Buddy.” He stopped crying, watched it for a few minutes before falling asleep. AWE! be still my heart.

Being a parent is tough, you are constantly hoping that you don’t ruin your kids and that they grow into mature, semi responsible adults. You make sure they are fed and watered, clothed, get plenty of love, rest and playtime and are well educated. You may feel exasperated, tired, happy, and stretched like Gumby. That is why vineyards and energy drinks exist, right? My oldest is going on 19 years old come April, how crazy is that? I have a grown child. The time between bringing him home from the hospital and him turning 18, happened in the blink of an eye. Take the time to appreciate those special moments, don’t let everyday life get in the way of what is most important.

Thank you for taking the time to read random tidbits of my life! Many blessings!