We made it!

Howdy y’all! So while on the road I came down with the sickness AH WAH AH AH AH 😜 no but seriously I had a bad head cold along with body aches that aren’t so fun for a three day road trip 😏 so my energy was eaten up by helping drive to our destination and taking care of our minions lol. However, we did see alot of “smart” people especially in San Antonio when the left lane was ending and they wanted to go around the big giant construction board instructing them to merge now…they insisted on waiting until they were about to fall off the highway before they got over…we even left them room and they still didn’t take it, dumb dumb dumb πŸ™„ I was tempted to leave them stranded but figured that wouldn’t be what Jesus would do…or would he? I mean it would be humbling right lol.

Anyhow besides me not feeling 100% and those “smart” people our trip went very smoothly and we enjoyed God’s beauty along the way. We did reach our next spot….we are in

Surprise surprise huh 😜

We did have fun on a walking trail in Texas ❀️

I am starting to feel better and am looking forward to all the fun things that my stomping ground has to offer for the next 2 maybe 3 weeks. The good ole frog leg festival and clambake are coming up so who knows maybe we’ll see y’all there! πŸ˜‰


I-10 Eastbound!

On the road again! There is nothing like going to bed at midnight and waking up at 3:30am to get this party started 😜 Autumn and Maverick were the easy ones to wake up, Presley and Rayne had to have a few more minutes of beauty sleep lol.

The kiddos were able to get in some last minute cuddle time with Aunt Julie and Uncle Craig while we finished packing up the SUV…hugs, kisses and goodbyes were our 4:30 send-off.

About 20 minutes into our drive Maverick, Presley and Rayne fell back asleep so we were able to talk without getting interrupted 50 million times by Rayne yelling Mom or the babes fussing lol. Most of our travels consist of the passenger turning around every 10 min or so to fetch something for one of our minions…it’s quite a workout πŸ˜‰

We are thinking 3 days of travel time this go around so should make for some interesting road tales!

Happy New Year! Happy you?

As we get ready to bring on a New Year, I started reflecting on 2019. Mostly ups, some downs…alot of it being in survival mode with it being the first year with our twins.

While we always feel blessed, there have been struggles…with making time for ourselves and our relationship, financially and me dealing with postpartum depression, which still comes and goes every once in a while. I felt the need to share with you because it’s OK to feel tired and down, it’s OK that we are not perfect and it’s OK to let your partner help you. Make yourself a priority.

This past year has helped strengthen my faith, my marriage and my patience. We know that our amazing  Father has a plan for us and we trust him to guide our path in all that we do. We have met some amazing people on our journey that we are thankful to call friends ❀️ living on a prayer is our way of life and we are looking forward to the adventures that 2020 holds for us. Happy New Year to all of you, stay safe and cheers to new adventures!