Who do you serve?

Interesting question, right? I want to say that my family and I serve the Lord, first and foremost, but I can’t. Sure we tithe every payday like we are supposed to, we serve at church faithfully and we trust him in all that we do. Yet, I still can’t say that we serve him daily. I try to take the time every morning to read my bible, write in my prayer journal and do our couple devotion…however, I have kids that demand a lot of my attention so I tend to serve them before I serve him. I tell myself that I will take the time after I get everyone situated and settled, which as we all know never really happens because later turns into schoolwork, work, dinner, bath time, and by the time that bedtime rolls around we are exhausted.

I am not choosing to serve him daily. I am choosing everything else.

While sitting in our tech room, operating the main screens for our Old Time Revival that we are finishing up tonight. This question has stuck with me. This message that a visiting pastor preached during this eye opening event made me want to ask this question to all of you. If Jesus were to look at your bank account, what would he see that you are serving? Mine is bills and groceries mostly lol. He is in there too, just not always first.

I am challenging myself to be better, to serve him first. What about you?

If you got this far, Thank you for listening/reading my thoughts and opinions! I hope you have a blessed day!