The Unconventional life

We got into our hotel room around 10:00 last night, of course the twins were sleeping so we had to do the whole get them in quickly and pray they go back to sleep thing. We unloaded our bags of clothes, toiletries and their beds prior to waking them up. We get them changed and settled into their pack n plays and they start popping up like whack a moles…this went on for a good 15-20 minutes before they laid down and went back to sleep. Autumn and Rayne were out within 10 minutes of hitting the pillow lol. I finally got more than 2 hours of sleep so feeling pretty good today. The babes woke us up around 6:00am since to them it is usually 7. We were able to appease them with some Baby Bum for all of 20 minutes before we have one that poops, well that was our time to get up call lol. After getting the rest of our tribe up and ready we went down to the free continental breakfast…which was a little disappointing, you had your pick of toast, muffin or cereal. We made our selections and sat down to eat or try to anyhow…they did not have any high chairs so we had to play the game of avoiding little slap happy hands while trying to spoon cereal into our mouth, not an easy feat lol. I also love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they see both the babes…then comes the ultimate question. “Are they twins?” 🤔 nope we had one already, decided we wanted a set so put an order in with the stork which we received overnight 😜 I never say that but sometimes I want to. It isn’t always easy especially with traveling… Always someone needing something but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I feel very blessed. Everyone is fed, changed and quiet for the moment which means this mama gets to take time and do what she enjoys… Take pictures and Blog! God Bless y’all! Hope you have an amazing day!

Currently traveling through Arizona and it is absolutely beautiful ❤️

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