Do you love your life? Honestly?

I started reading this book by Joyce Meyers…

I enjoy my life but am I fully committed to loving it daily…no I’m not. It is very easy to see the goals that we haven’t reached yet, to feel the sense of failure when your life isn’t going in the direction you thought it would.

I will be the first to say that my life is not where I thought it would be. I never saw myself as being a mom to 5 wonderful kiddos or being able to travel like I do. I always had the 9-5 medical billing job… punch in, punch out, go home, make dinner, help with homework, bathtimes, play a little, then bedtime..repeat. everyday. I thought I enjoyed it, I told myself I did but honestly that’s all I knew. I never branched out and did anything differently until God brought my husband, Alex, into my life. I swear he knew I needed some variety, some spice, to get a little shook ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ now I know traveling and having 5 kids is not for everyone but it was what I needed and I’m happier for it. Ask yourself, What do you need? Are you enjoying where and how your life is? Have you prayed about God’s path for your life?

I do not go through everyday full of joy and love for everyone, sometimes I am cranky. I am normal lol. I, however am thankful for each day that I wake up. I am thankful that God seen what I needed and blessed me with my family and being able to live his way. I am not the best Christian but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be every single day.

I love to help others and sometimes I feel like I don’t, so that kind of feeling stops me from truly loving my life. I want to publish a book, be a missionary, travel abroad. I haven’t achieved those yet, I may never achieve those, why? because if it’s not God’s plan it will not happen and I have to be ok with that if I truly want to love my life. It doesn’t mean I will give up trying though ๐Ÿ˜‰ you shouldn’t give up on your dreams either but don’t let it interfere with you loving your life. Pray, breathe, live, love and enjoy..repeat. I promise it’s worth it. Thank you for reading my life tidbits! God Bless!


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