Do you lead or follow?

Growing up I was always the leader, never the follower. I had my own interests, my own path to make, my own agenda. I enjoyed leading because I knew what I wanted and where I was going. Following someone would have left me feeling uneasy…with lots of unknowns.

That is until I started following the right person, the one that has all my answers to my unknown questions, the one that has my path already laid out for me, the one that walks beside me everyday, the one that loves me unconditionally, he is my Good Good Father.

I have learned that you can determine your steps but if it’s not God’s will, you will not get very far. My devotions that I have written, have described one of the scenarios in which we were determined to live in Florida…well it took us hitting rock bottom for us to realize that was not his plan for us.

We live on a prayer, each and everyday. We ask for his guidance and we have learned to listen. We are a constant work in progress. We definitely feel blessed with being able to travel as a family, having the friends and family that we do and all the beauty we get to see along our journey. Trust. In. Him. So are you a leader or a follower? Thanks for reading my thoughts for the day. God Bless!


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