We made it!

Howdy y’all! So while on the road I came down with the sickness AH WAH AH AH AH 😜 no but seriously I had a bad head cold along with body aches that aren’t so fun for a three day road trip 😏 so my energy was eaten up by helping drive to our destination and taking care of our minions lol. However, we did see alot of “smart” people especially in San Antonio when the left lane was ending and they wanted to go around the big giant construction board instructing them to merge now…they insisted on waiting until they were about to fall off the highway before they got over…we even left them room and they still didn’t take it, dumb dumb dumb 🙄 I was tempted to leave them stranded but figured that wouldn’t be what Jesus would do…or would he? I mean it would be humbling right lol.

Anyhow besides me not feeling 100% and those “smart” people our trip went very smoothly and we enjoyed God’s beauty along the way. We did reach our next spot….we are in

Surprise surprise huh 😜

We did have fun on a walking trail in Texas ❤️

I am starting to feel better and am looking forward to all the fun things that my stomping ground has to offer for the next 2 maybe 3 weeks. The good ole frog leg festival and clambake are coming up so who knows maybe we’ll see y’all there! 😉


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