I-10 Eastbound!

On the road again! There is nothing like going to bed at midnight and waking up at 3:30am to get this party started 😜 Autumn and Maverick were the easy ones to wake up, Presley and Rayne had to have a few more minutes of beauty sleep lol.

The kiddos were able to get in some last minute cuddle time with Aunt Julie and Uncle Craig while we finished packing up the SUV…hugs, kisses and goodbyes were our 4:30 send-off.

About 20 minutes into our drive Maverick, Presley and Rayne fell back asleep so we were able to talk without getting interrupted 50 million times by Rayne yelling Mom or the babes fussing lol. Most of our travels consist of the passenger turning around every 10 min or so to fetch something for one of our minions…it’s quite a workout 😉

We are thinking 3 days of travel time this go around so should make for some interesting road tales!


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