We took some time this morning and watched the New Year’s Eve sermon from our church Calvary Chapel of Melbourne online www.calvaryccm.com and it was about Focus…it’s a new year and we should focus on the life we are leading for our kids, being a good role model for them and how our time is spent…you know the average person has 3 free hours a day and statistics say that only 15 minutes of those are spent with our kids! Wow…that is kind of depressing…how is that fully living and enjoying life? 

After hearing that, we both realized how truly blessed we are…we get to travel with our kids and get to spend that quality time  and have different experiences as a family, however I am missing my son Justin quite a bit…he is in Florida and juggling dual enrollment while working, quite a load for a 16 year old but challenges are what he enjoys so I will continue to be his cheerleader and help him achieve his goals. He is amazing and I am super proud of him! I do wish he was with us on this journey though. 

  • Live for today and not the past for that is gone
  • Be a person that you want your kids to be
  • Enjoy your time instead of letting it slip on by, cherish it
  • Forgive as it takes away time and joy from your life

I know easier said than done right…I accept the challenge, Do you? 

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