A poem I wrote…Addictions

I wrote this for the way the world is today, I have family and friends that have and still are addicts of some kind….#addictions #encouragement #Godiswithyou #wordsflowfreely #poetryforthesoul

I’m damaged, no good, washed up, alone. I’m sinking, drowning, buried in sin.

I lift the glass, love the taste, it takes a hold of me. Light it, smoke it, cloud your head.

The needle stings as it pierces my skin, the liquid inside burns as it courses through my veins.

I feel good for the moment, I’m high as a kite, makes all of my troubles disappear for the night.

I feel my choices by dawn’s early light, I need another fix, I can’t feel it’s too much.

I can’t escape my reality, I try and try with no prevail. I try to be good but again I fail.

My last resort is to sit and pray, please Lord come take me away.

I don’t like this life I lead, it would not make you proud. I feel shame, I feel lame, I’m troubled within.

I don’t want this torment of letting my addictions overcome me, I’m tired of being the junkie passed out on the floor.

Excuses of my life choices echo in my head, I can’t cope with the stress, I need to get high.

Where am I? I ask as I open my eyes, you are dreaming God says, as he’s carrying me, lifting me high.

You see I am with you wherever you are, you feel like a failure but child you are mine. 

We will get through this, you are stronger than you think, keep your head held high.

You feel alone, full of dispair, but I gave my life for your repair. Come here now child, I love you so.

I’m by your side through thick and thin, so when in doubt and troubles are near, breathe deep, release and know that I am there. 
Written by Lisa Marie 

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